Our Kindergarten

The foundation of education that is our Pre- Primary wing creates a lively, vibrant and positive learning environment which helps our children to blossom and to maximize their potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment.


Apart from air-conditioned classroom, smart class, well organized play area and other integral teaching aids some other engrossing activities which make us unique and exceptional are –

  • • Well balanced, child centric curriculum to help young minds to integrate their learning smoothly.
  • • Talented experienced and dedicated teachers with linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • • Twinning and toggling activities, clay moulding, colouring, washing activities to develop fine motor skills of toddlers.
  • • Different games, songs, creative projects, drawing and painting to develop children’s foundational skills.
  • • Sorting activities to help them in building and identifying relationships between set or group of things to be sorted.
  • • Phantasmal & Role Play activities to help children in developing their literacy, numeracy skills and enhancing their self-confidence.
  • • Singing, rhyming & reciting to develop their language skills.
  • • Sports to help them in strengthening their motor skills, co-ordination and develop the feeling of team-spirit.
  • • Celebrations of festivals to sensitize them to multiple traditions and cultures of our country.
  • • Picnic & field trips for better understanding of surroundings and experiential learning.

We focus on strengthening the foundation of learning by encouraging curiosity and independent thinking in the classroom.

We believe in education with moral values and right attitude towards life skills, to make responsible nobles having the feeling of national pride.